The heritage of Lucknow

Chikankari, The Pride of Awadh...

“Muskaraiye aap Lucknow mei hei”,(मुस्कराइये आप लखनऊ में हैं । )[ Smile, you are in Lucknow ]. Capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow called 'Shiraj-e-hind' 'शिराज -ए-हिन्द' was once also known as the 'Constantinople of India ' is full of cultures and traditions, 'CHIKANKARI' is one of them.'Chikankari' is a Persian word derived from ' Chikeen or chikin' meaning delicately embroidered fabric which is many centuries old. The Mughal Empress, Noor Jahan, wife of Jahangir, gifted this art to the women of Awadh in the 16th Century. The intricate thread of Nafasat (नफ़ासत) and Najakat (नज़ाकत) are embroidered to form the best decoration style known as 'CHIKANKARI' which takes immense efforts by the craftsmen and women for days and months. The thread is embroidered on different types of fabrics including cotton, georgette, muslin silk, etc. Kamdani, badla, sequin, bead, and mirror work are the recent additional embellishments that give it a sheen look. The Lucknowi Chikankari received the Geographical Indication (GI Tag) in December 2008. As it's rightly said by Rachel Zoe, "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. ", so let's dress you up in this timeless, classic, and elegant clothing of Lucknowi Chikankari. Indulge in the beautiful experience of heritage and feel the essence of tehjeeb (तहज़ीब) here at 'WINK AND WISH'.

-Chayanika Dubey


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